studio Karen Philllips Curran


A realist, of a sort

Ontario artist Karen Phillips Curran

 Call Karen at 613-433-2758 or email her at, if you would like to visit her studio or if you have any questions about, or would like to purchase her work. 


Well known for creating beautiful watercolours and acrylic paintings, Karen Phillips Curran uses a variety of influences and mediums to create memorable pieces that compel onlookers to take notice.

She blends her artistic skills with her years of theatre experience, to create art that tells a story. Often she puts her spin on the idea by re-creating it over and over until the transformation is complete.

Karen sells her compositions that convey the tranquility of nature. Her watercolours define the calming effects of river and lakesides, their tepid or sometimes turbulent waters reflect land, clouds, and sky. Karen also uses architecture to help viewers experience light and texture in a particular place.

Karen also uses architecture to help viewers experience light and texture in a particular place. Weather washed walls, windows, doors and shadows define her Bermuda experience.

Large projects from Karen are completed on paper or stretched canvases, making them the ideal artwork to display on walls or floors.

Let’s see what Karen has to say about her watercolours:

"My watercolours are about light, and that magic moment when something ordinary makes you catch your breath if you take the time to pause, to look. I tell the story of what is often passed by. Light is discovered through darkness. Decay is made beautiful by way of being noticed. Texture is featured alongside dancing shadows. Emotions are moved to be calmed."

In addition to her studio paintings, Karen also had the good fortune of serving as the Head Scenic Artist at Canada’s National Arts Centre for 17 seasons. There, she painted the sets of some of the top set designers in Canada. Karen enjoyed the challenge of painting these brilliantly designed sets, and you can see her work in her Flickr album.